"Trey, What Resources Do You Use To Build Your Business?"
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Resources For Every Funnel Build...
NOTE: I Only Recommend Things That I USE...
#1 Sales Funnel Software
ClickFunnels Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online!" (Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!)
Active Campaign
Email Automation
Sometimes you need to talk to everyone at once. Send one-time email campaigns to anyone on your list.)

Prove Source
Traffic Booster
 A social proof marketing platform that streams recent customer behaviors on your website to build trust and increase conversions.
Resources For Publishing & Creative...
NOTE: I Only Recommend Things That I USE...
Podcasting Made Easy
If you want the easiest way to start your own podcast without any fancy tech gadgets, this is absolutely for you!

Creative Market
Creative Marketing comes in very handy when you want fonts and graphics for things like logos or designs for your funnel, FB groups, etc etc.
Audio & Video
 this place always has my favorite videos and audio clips to use for my videos. 

by the way, Hire This Guy For your videos
Photo Editor
I actually really like using PicMonkey for pretty much every design that I make. It has a ridiculously cheap annual fee to unlock the goodies and use your fonts!

Video Editor
Important to read first: this is for apple products only. I'll show you a few tricks in the video to help you really stand on using videos!

Meetings & Screen Share
I love using Zoom for video conference meetings and because you can use a Whiteboard to draw things out. Also, you can record your screen for trainings as well.
Resources For My Equipment...
NOTE: I Only Recommend Things That I USE...
Mics + Stands
I get a lot of questions about my podcast set up but truth is..it's a microphone with a stand attachment on my desk. Then I just hit record...but it sounds awesome!

Facebook Live
Setup + Lighting
Do you need a fancy setup for a facebook live? No.

But holy shit does it make a difference when you do...!
Go Pro
Advanced Video
 Like to go on wild adventures? 
Dude, me too.

That's why i never leave home without these essentials to capture everything!
Resources For Team Management...
NOTE: I Only Recommend Things That I USE...
Screen Share Recording
This Google Extension is super awesome to quickly help you screen share from your computer to communicate effectively with your team!

I highly recommend using forms to create quick and clean forms for people to fill out to help save you some time!

Google Tools
Organizational Tools
Running a business can get crazy! That's why it's important to work smarter and not harder by using these free tools from google.
Resources For Funnel Hacking...
NOTE: I Only Recommend Things That I USE...
Fill Your Funnel
Ads & Funnel Hacking Tool
This is by far my favorite tool to use to hack other funnels and facebook ads that are already working!

The point is to model what works and not recreate the wheel. This helps to do just that!

Funnel Scripts
Ad Copy
Hey, do you also suck at writing ad copy?

The funnel scripts have been a game-changer for me when writing facebook ads or long sales copy because i'm horrible at writing. 

The Perfect Webinar
Webinar Sales
 This is actually what Got me hooked on funnels and selling things online.

If you're looking to sell high ticket sales online and you want to run webinars to sell your thing, you will need the perfect webinar formula to have sales.
That's it.
Resources For Favorite Education...
NOTE: I Only Recommend Things That I USE...
Magnetic Sponsoring
Network Marketing
If you're in network marketing, you're probably being taught the "old school" strategies like build a list and message everyone you know.

We teach our team differently and that's how we out-recuit everyone in MLM. 

By the way, to join our team, click here.

DotCom Secrets
Funnel Building
I have to give my hat off to the author for this book. He really brought the noise when it comes to how to get more traffic and better conversions in your funnel. This is the go-to book for any REAL funnel builder.

Expert Secrets
Building Your Empire
 this book was dipped in gold.

seriously. if you want to understand the psychology behind what makes people buy...you need this book!

I'm constantly going back to the book and learning more and more each time. Highly recommended for anyone selling anything online!
One Funnel Away Challenge
A Must Do....
Want someone to hold your hand and help you build out your funnel from scratch? uhhhh yeah!

Funnel Hacking Live
Live Event
if you're interested in attending the next funnel hacking live event, stay tuned as we have something special we're going to roll out for the next event!

Marketing Secrets
Russell Brunson's Podcast
If you could be a fly in the room of one of the smartest marketer's on the planet...say no more. You get to listen to Russell Brunson's podcast that he updates at least twice a week so you can hear the golden nuggets he leaves for us. Enjoy!

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