Branding Like A Badass! Workshop
Discover how to attract rockstar prospects to your business 
without having to make ridiculously annoying sales posts.
Who's Trey Bearor?
My entrepreneurial journey started back in 2013. I had recently graduated form college with a BA degree in Criminal Justice and I was working as a Social Worker until I could find something better and more fulfilling. 

After three years of waiting for the "right job", I realized, there wasn't a job out there that would provide the freedom and lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family. 

So, I got busy creating the opportunity to fit my life, not the other way around. I now live the life of my dreams with my wife and son, traveling, coaching self-motivated badasses (like you) that are truly serious about growing a side income that pays you over and over again!
Hear What Others Have To Say...
Beth Tiedman
"You inspire people who feel trapped or like they have no other choice. I wanted to thank you because the things I'm learning from you may have been told me in the past, but not taught in this fashion...and because of your trainings, I'm now crushing it.

Words cannot express how you've helped me. Thank you and your family. You're really making a difference in people's lives."
Elyse Shaw
"At first, I was super hesitant and scared because I’ve tried one of these MLM’s back in the day and was left in the water with the old tricks...

 ..I fell upon my knight and shinning armor Trey, not only did he show me the SIMPLICITY of what I needed to do to succeed with step by step training, but he made my pocket gain $1,300 in 3 months but more importantly gave me the path to finding more time for my family. 

For that I will be forever grateful"
Mike Devlin
"I recently became an entrepreneur decided to dabble into the world of entrepreneurship about a year and a half ago. I didn’t know what to post on social media, and my friends thought I was a giant billboard of “Buy My Stuff.” 

I came across Trey quickly through some mutual friends, and we instantly clicked. 

I started implementing the techniques in the workshop and instantly started seeing my engagements skyrocket!"
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